Martial Thoughts Podcast Shownotes

Episode I - The Phantom Podcast   
  Discussion: What is a Martial Art?

Episode II - The Podcast Wars
  Discussion: What is Ki/Chi

Episode III - Revenge of the Podcast   
  Discussion: Difference between Shodan/Black Belt and Instructor
    Interview with Matthew Apsokardu of

Episode IV - A New Podcast
  Discussion: When should kids start martial arts?
    Interview with William Dockery, author of Aiki Secrets: Six Aiki Precepts and the Dynamic COB

Episode V - The Podcast Strikes Back
  Discussion: Inclusion and Accommodations in Martial Arts
    Interview: Dave Jones from Hiyaa! Podcast

Episode VI - The Return of the Podcast
  Discussion: What to look for when starting a martial art

Episode VII-Disney Hasn't Given us a Name Yet
  Discussion: Martial Arts Myths
    Interview: Graham Butcher, Stav Instructor

Episode VIII-In Space No One Can Hear You Podcast
  Discussion: Martial Arts Injuries
    Interview: Kim Moser, Classical Fencing Instructor

Episode IX-Good, Bad, I'm the Guy with the Podcast
  Discussion: Docterine/Strategy/Tactic

Episode X-The Ten Podcastments
  Discussion: Why Practice With Weapons
    Interview: James Hatcher of Katsujinken Magazine

Episode XI-There's No Crying in Podcast
  Discussion: The Value of Sport Martial Arts
    Interview: Doctor Philip Chenique of Atemi ryu Jujutsu

Episode XII-White Men Can't Podcast
  Discussion: Martial Arts vs. Self-Defense
    Interview: Danielle Bolleli of The Drunken Taoist Podcast and author of On the Warrior's Path

Episode XIII-Podcast the 13th
  Discussion: Martial Arts Bucket Lists
    Interview: Sifu Javier Fernandez of JAF Wing Chun

Episode XIV-A Fish called Podcast
  Discussion: Character Development through Martial Arts
    Interview: Bill Herndon of Piranha Gear

Episode XV-A Fist Full of Podcast
  Discussion: The Value of Seminars
    Interview: Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is the Way

Episode XVI-For a Few Podcasts More
  Interview: Chris West of Samurai Archives Podcast

Episode XVII-Raiders of the Lost Podcast
  Interview: Andrea Harkins of

Episode XVIII-The Nightmare Before Podcast
  Interview: Noel Plaugher, author of Standing Qi Gong for Health and Martial Arts

Episode XIX-Do the Right Podcast
  Discussion: The Martial Arts Test

Episode XX-The Good, The Bad, and the Podcast
  Interview: Antony Cummings, author and ninja expert

Episode XXI-Twas the Night Before Podcast
  Interview: Dr. T.J. Deshi-Obi, author of Fighting for Honor

Episode XXII-May the Podcast be with you
  Interview: Kris Wilder

Episode XXIII-Live Long, and Podcast
  Interview: Lawrence Kane

Episode XXIV-I Came, I Saw, I Podcast
  Interview: Gershon Ben Keren, author of Krav Maga: Real World Solutions to Real World Violence

Episode XXV-Podcast it Again, Sam
  Discussion Topic: Aikido vs. Aikijutsu
    Interview: Lori O'Connell, author of When the Fight Goes to the Ground

Episode XXVI-Podcast=mc^2
  Interview with Dr. Jason Thalken, Author of Fight Like a Physicist

Episode XXVII-Once Upon a Podcast
  Interview with Nate Ledbetter from Samurai Archives Podcast

Episode XXVIII- Every Which Way but Podcast
  Interview with Jerry Liu, Youtube Film Maker

Episode XXIX-You Only Podcast Twice
  Interview with Ben Miller, Editor of "Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies"

Episode XXX- Podcasts, Trains, & Automobiles
  Interview with Iain Abernethy

Episode XXI-The Podcast is Not Enough
  Interview with James Dinh

Episode XXXII-The Man with the Golden Podcast
  Interview with Sensei Ando

Episode XXXIII-The Naked Podcast 33 1/3
  Interview with Cory Jensen of Martial Arts Nation Podcast

Episode XXXIV-Podcast in the Bronx
  Interview with Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang

Episode XXXV-Podcasts Assemble!
  Interview with Craig Kiessling

Episode XXXVI-Friendly Neighborhood Podcast
  Interview with Master David Stephens

Episode XXXVII-Truth, Justice and the Podcast Way
  Interview with Author (Matador Series) Steven Perry

Episode XXXVIII-And I'll Form the Podcast
  Interview with our first return guest-Andrea Harkins AKA: The Martial Arts Woman

Episode XXXIX- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Podcast II
  Random Thoughts: 7 Martial Sins
  Interview with Dianne Wickles, author of Hong Kong Treasure

Episode XL-One Podcast Fits All
  Interview with author Romulus Hillsborough

Episode XLI-Holy Podcast Batman!
  Interview with Chris Olech, author of The Fighter Within

Eipsode XLII-My Podcast for a Horse
  Interview with Matthew Apsokardu

Episode XLIII-Et Tu Podcast?
  Interview with Jeremy Lesniak of Whistle Kick Martial Arts

Episode XLIV-Cry Podcast, and let slip the dogs of War!
  Interview with Dr. Ken Jeremiah, co-author of Aikido Ground Fighting, and Atemi

Episode XLV-Now is the Podcast of our Discontent
  Interview with Master Ricky Lazlo

Episode XLVI-Take a Bite Out o' Podcast
  Interview with Joe Bertoni of

Episode XLVII-By the Power of Podcast
  Interview with Scott Pribyl

Episode XLVIII-The Plea to Podcast Fallacy
  Interview with Jeff Westfall of The Martial Brain Podcast

Episode XLIX-Alas, Poor Podcast, I Knew Him Well
  Interview with David Baker of Forged in Fire

Episode L-The Fellowship of the Podcast
  Round table discussion of McDojo's

Episode LI-The Two Podcasts
  Interview with Anthony DeLongis

Episode LII-The Podcast of the King
  Interview with Dr. Mark V. Wiley

Episode LIII-An Unexpected Podcast
  Interview with F. Braun McAsh

Episode LIV-The Desolation of Podcast
  Lecture about teaching theory and tactics to use instructing martial arts

Episode LV-The Battle of Five Podcasts
  Interview with Jonathan Bluestein

Episode LVI-Now You're Cooking with Podcast
  Interview with Paul Wilson of Karate Cafe Podcast

Episode LVII-Be Like Podcast My Friend
  Interview with Monk Yonrou

Episode LVIII-Beware the Ides of Podcast
  Interview with Sensei Damion Lupo

Episode LIX-Ask Not What Your Podcast Can Do For You
  Interview with Guro Dan Medina

Episode LX-The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Podcast Itself
  Interview with Coach Kevin Kearns

Episode LXI-Read My Podcast, No News
  Interview with Jesse Enkamp

Episode LXII-Dewey Defeats Podcast
  Interview with Ken Jeremiah

Episode LXIII-Tippy Canoe and Podcast Too
  Lecture about the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Episode LXIV-Walk Softly and Carry a Big Podcast
  Interview with Robert Escobar

Episode LVV-54'40" or Podcast
  Interview with Richard Marsden

Episode LXVI-Mr. Gorbechev, Tear Down This Podcast
  Interview with Vito Trabucco, Director of Henchman: The Al Leong Story

Episode LXVII-Four Score and Twenty Podcasts Ago
  Interview with Phil Trent

Episode LXVIII-Ich Bin Ein Podcaster
  Interview with Peter Boylan

Episode LXIX-Make America Podcast Again
  Discussion Topic: Teens in Martial Arts Classes with Jeremey Lesniak

Episode LXX-Total Eclipse of the Podcast
  Interview with James Williams Sensei of Nami ryu Aiki Heiho

Episode LXXI-LOP-Laughing Out Podcast
  Interview with Ben Kovacs of Guardian Gym

Episode LXXII-WTP-What the Podcast?
  Interview with Stephen K. Hayes

Episode LXXIII-TL:DP-Too Long, Didn't Podcast
  Interview with David Nemeroff and Jose Andrade

Episode LXXIV-Dragon Whips his Podcast
  Interview with Dr. John Donohue

Episode LXXV-Monkey Steals the Podcast
  Interview with Lawrence Kane

Episode LXXVI-No Shadow Podcast
  Interview with Christopher Heim

Episode LXXVII-Swallow Turn Podcast
  Part I of our Musashi trilogy

Episode LXXVIII-Duel at Ichijoji Podcast
  Part II of our Musashi trilogy

Episode LXXIX-Duel on Ganryu Podcast
  Part III of our Musashi trilogy

Episode LXXX-The 5 Deadly Podcasts
  Interview with Louis Martin, author of "The True Believers"

Episode LXXXI-The Crud Martial Artists Hear, and How to Deal with It
  Part I of a Roundtable discussion between myself, Scott Bolon, and Jeremy Lesniak

Episode LXXXII-Till Podcast Do Us Part
  Discussion with Chris West of Samruai Archives Podcast about his deep dive into seppuku.

Episode LXXXIII-The Sound of One Hand Podcasting
  Discussion and Interview with Vandon Tricamo about the philosophies of Asian martial arts

Episode LXXXIV-Fight Fire with Podcast
  Interview with Dr. Peter Lorge about traditional Chinese Martial Arts from a historian's point of view

Episode LXXXV-Once Upon A Time in Podcast
  Interview with Alex Rhea

Episode LXXXVI-Practice Makes Podcast
  Interview with Russ Smith, author of Principle-Driven Skill Development (In Traditional Martial Arts)

Episode LXXXVII-Podcasts Don't Hit Back
  Interview with Matthew Polly, author of American Shaolin, Tapped Out, and Bruce Lee: A Life.

Episode LXXXVIII-Podcast is Black
  Interview with Sifu Neil Ripski of Red Jade Martial Arts

Episode LXXXIX-Podcast Go Bragh
  Interview with Ben Miller, talking about his book "Irish Swordsmanship"

Episode XC-The Podcast of the Black Pearl
  Interview with Mike Belzer

Episode XCI-Dead Man's Podcast
  Interview with Russ Mitchel, author of "Basic Body Mechanics for Martial Artists"

Episode XCII-I am the Immortal Podcast
  Discussion with Scott Bolon about the Netflix Series "Iron Fist"

Episode XCIII-The Art of Fighting Without Podcasting
  Interview with Charles Russo, author of "Striking Distance-Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts
  in America"

Episode XCIV-Mt. Podcastmore
  Discussion with Scott Bolan about who would be on the Mount Rushmore of Martial Arts

Episode XCV-Podcast Lang Syne
  Interview with Maestro Jared Kirby, Fencing Instructor, Author, and President of CombatCon.

Episode XCVI-That Old Time Podcast and Roll
  Interview with David Ianetta, author of From the Desk to the Dojang

Episode XCVII-Unlearned What You Have Podcast
  Look at Ip Man, the martial artist, not the movie

Episode XCVIII- Turning Plowshears into Podcasts
  Interview with Aaron Penynberg of WHFA

Episode XCIX- 99 Problems and a Podcast Ain't One
  Interview with Bethany Dillon, author of War-Torn

Episode C-Another One Bites the Podcast
  Q&A 100th Episode

Episode CI-Random Podcast

Episode CII-What Happens in Podcast
  Review of CombatCon 2019

Episode CIII-He's the Evil Podcast
  A discussion about studying two martial arts

Episode CIV-Why'd the Podcast Cross the Road?
  Interview with Mark Chen, author of Old Frame Chen Family Taijichuan, and Chen Style Taijichuan, Collected Masterworks

Episode CV-Should Old Acquaintances be Podcast
  Interview with Dr. Steven Macramalla, author of Unleash the Dragon Within

Episode CVI-I Have Podcast
  Interview with Jerry Berg

Episode CVII-This is the Podcast
  Discussion on "Where is the Art in Martial Arts?"

Episode CVIII-Podcast with the Sickness
  Interview with Philip "Pete" Starr, author of Authentic Iron Palm

Episode CIX-Doomed to Podcast It
  Interview with Richard Bejtlich of Martial History Team Podcast

Episode CX-One, Two, Podcast's Coming For You
  Interview with Matthew Kreuger, host of Walking with the Tengu Podcast

Episode CXI-Don't Drink the Podcast
  Interview with Jerry Berg about the Macuahuitl as a reconstructed martial art

Episode CXII-What's In Your Podcast
  Interview with Matthew Stinson, Operator or Bolds City Longsword, and Co-Host of Swords in Stereo Podcast

Episode CXIII-Stiff Upper Podcast
  Interview with Dr. Paul Bowman, Editor of Martial Studies Journal

Episode CXIV-Hokey Religions and Ancient Podcasts
  An analysis of Star Wars: A New Hope from a martial arts point of view with Matthew Kreuger of "Walking with the Tengu" Podcast.

Episode CXV-The Odds of Successfully Navigating a Podcast
  An analysis of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back from a martial arts point of view with Matthew Kreuger of "Walking with the Tengu" Podcast.

Episode CXVI-Podcast Pudu!
  An analysis of Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi from a martial arts point of view with Matthew Kreuger of "Walking with the Tengu" Podcast.

Episode CXVII-Podcasts are our Speciality
  An analysis of the Star Wars Prequels from a martial arts point of view with Matthew Kreuger of "Walking with the Tengu" Podcast.

Episode CXVIII-
  Interview with author Ellis Amdur

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