Sunday, October 21, 2018

Episode XC-The Podcast of the Black Pearl

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Intro Music: Theme from Enter the Dragon by Lalo Schifrin

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Recorded On: Sept 22nd, 2018

  Ellis Amdur's Blog Kogen Budo

Interlude Music: Chains of Misery by Iron Maiden

Interview: Michael Belzer
    Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts by Donn F. Draeger and Robert W. Smith
    Classical Bujutsu by Donn F. Draeger
    Classical Budo by Donn F. Draeger
    Modern Bujutsu and Budo by Donn F. Draeger
    Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia by Donn F. Draeger
    Filipino Martial Arts by Dan Innosanto
    Filipino Martial Culture by Dr. Mark Wiley
      Episode LIII-Podcast of the King with Dr. Mark Wiley
    On Combat by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Loren W. Christensen
    On Killing by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
    A Bouncers Guide to Barroom Brawling by Peyton Quinn
    Meditations on Violence by Rory Miller
    Fighting Words by W. Hock Hochheim
    Words of Power by Ellis Amdur
    Encyclopedia of Japanese Martial Arts by Dr. David A. Hall
    Small Circle Jujutsu by Wally Jay
    Dance with the Devil by Bernie Lau
    Can I See Your Hands by Dr. Gav Schneider
    The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

    Red Sun
    Billy Jack
    The Knife-1991 (A Grande Arte)

Interlude Music: Chains of Misery by Iron Maiden

This Week in Martial Arts: Oct 24th, 2014 John Wick Premiered

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