Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shownotes for Episode XXXII-The Man with the Golden Podcast

EPISODE XXXII-The Man with the Golden Podcast

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Intro:  Theme from "Enter the Dragon" by Lalo Schifr
  Recorded On: July 13th,  2015
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  Review on iTunes: Bill (with Teeth)
Interlude Music: No More Mr. Nice Guy by Megadeth
Interview: Sensei Ando of Fight For A Happy Life
    Bruce Lee
    Steven Segal
    Above the Law
    Master Aikido by Saotome
    Book of Five Rings
    Tao Te Ching
    The Warrior Athlete by Dan Newman
    Enter the Dragon
    V for Vendetta
    Ong Bok
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Interlude Music: The Wizard by Rainbow

This Week in Martial Arts: Dan Inosanto
    American Kempo
    Jeet Kun Do
    Diana Lee Inosanto
    Brandon Lee
    Denzel Washington
    Forest Witiker
    Anderson Silva
    The Green Hornet
    Game of Death
    Big Trouble in Little China
    Red Belt
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Twitter Acount: @martialthoughts
Atemicast Youtube Channel

Outro Music: Voodoo Chile-Jimi Hendrix / Gayageum ver. by Luna

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