Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shownotes Episode XXXIX-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Podcast II

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Intro Music: Theme from "Enter the Dragon" by Lalo Schifri

  Recorded On: 2/27/2016
  Hiyaa Podcast
  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II
  Beggin for iTunes reviews
   Martial Arts Lineage Podcast
Interlude Music: Wisco Disco by 20 Watt Tombstone
Random Thoughts: Seven Martial Arts Sins
  Episode XXVII-Once Upon A Podcast
Interlude Music: Goddamn by 20 Watt Tombstobe

Interview with Dianne Wickles
    Hong Kong Treasure

    Pinterest: Diane T. Wickles
    Facebook: Diane Wickles
    Author website: Diane T. Wickles
    Books website: Romance by D. Dominik Wickles

Interlude Music: Ghosteye by The Sword

This Week in Martial Arts: February 26th, 1988 Bloodsport's Limited Release in the US
  Frank Dux
  Directed by Newt Arnold
  Jean-Claude Van Damme
  Bolo Yeung
  Donald Gib
  Forest Witaker
  Roy Chiao

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