Sunday, April 15, 2018

Episode LXXXII-Till Podcast Do Us Part

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Intro Music: Theme from Enter the Dragon by Lalo Schifrin

Introduction: Congrats to Jonathan Curbis

  Recorded on: Sunday April 15th, 2018
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This episode deals with a sensitive subject.  It is not our intention to downplay or make fun of the act of suicide.  We are looking at this as a specific cultural aspect of historical samurai.  Suicide will be mentioned and talked about in this episode.  If this is a sore subject for you the listener, please do not listen to this episode.

Interlude Music: How Will I Laugh Tomorrow by Suicidal Tendencies

Interview: Chris West



Interlude Music: Psycho Suicide by Oysterhead

This Week in Martial Arts: April 13th, 1612-Miyamoto Musashi vs. Sasaki Kojiro
  Episode LXXVII-Swallows Turn Podcast (Musashi Part I)
  Episode LXXVIII-Duel at Ichijoji Podcast (Musashi Part II)
  Episode LXXIX-Duel on Ganryu Podcast (Musashi Part III)

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Outro Music: Voodoo Child-Jimi Hendrix/Guyageun ver. by Luna

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