Friday, August 8, 2014

Episode XV-A Fist Full of Podcast

Episode XV-A Fist Full of Podcasts

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Recorded: Sunday August 3rd, 2014


Intro:  Theme from "Enter the Dragon" by Lalo Schifri

Introduction of Mariano
The Skeptics Guide (to the University)
Chendokan Aikido
Atemi ryu Jujutsu
Bill Herndon
  Episode XIV-A Fish called Podcast
Piranha Gear
Red Dragon Inn/New Legends of Shaolin
  Man Ting
  "When you just can stands it, just don't stands it."

Letter of corrections from Ezekiel
Martial Arts Nation
1. Wong Fei Hung is not the "Hung" of Hung Gar
2. Bodhidharma did not create Kung Fu
3. Taichi chuan (Yang Style)

Discussion Topic: The Value of Seminars
The Moses Powell Memorial Seminar
  Rape Prevention Classes
  Pat Morita
  Ginchin Funikoshi
  Self Defense Seminars
Weekend Long Seminars
  Physical Aspects
  Social Aspects
  Training Aspects
    Benny and Jude
    Cung Li Flying Scisors Leg Take Down
  Training Buddies
  Motivational Aspect

Martial arts certificate as important as physics or maths: Akshay
  Akshay Kumar
  Harold and Kumar
  Hot Yoga
Grace, danger blend in Haiti's machete fighting
 Michael Rogers
CSM Strategic hired by Turkmenistan government
Asian indoor and Martial Arts Games
Martial arts drama from 'Smallville' team coming to AMC
  Kung Fu
  Martial Law
    Sammo Hung
  Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
  Stephen Chow
    Shaolin Soccer
    Kung Fu Hussel
  Shanghai Noon
  David Wu
  Taichi Hero
  Taichi Zero
  Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  Stephen Fung
  Power Rangers
  The Last Airbender
  Hung Gar
  Northern Shaolin
  Guy on a Buffalo
Panna Rittikrai (1961-2014)
Tony Jaa
Jijaa Yanin
Born to Fight (1986)
Ong Bak
Born to Fight (2008)
Dynamite Warrior
Bangkok Knockout
The Protector II
MMA fighter with Down syndrome sues to get back in the ring
Top Team Weston
Down's Syndrome
'Karate Clerk' Who Stopped Alleged Mugging: 'I Just Kicked Him In The Face'
  Mayura Disanayaka

Interlude Music: (Don't Fear) the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

Interview with: Ryan Holiday
  Max Tucker
  Robert Greene
  Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator
  Growth Hacker Marketing
  The Obstacle is the Way
  Marcus Aurelius
  The Book of Five Rings
  The 33 Strategies of War
  Sam Sheridan
  A Fighter's Heart
  A Fighter's Mind

Interlude Music: Johnny B. Goode by Judas Priest

This Week in Martial Arts: August 12th, 1978
5 Deadly Venoms: Pick your Poison
  Cheng Cheh
  The Crippled Avenger

Contact Information
Twitter Account: @martialthoughts
Atemicast Youtube Channel

Outro Music: Voodoo Chile-Jimi Hendrix / Gayageum ver. by Luna

1 comment:

  1. Hi! Me Again! The first Argentinean to appear in the podcast

    Just wanted to say a thing on the Tai chi subject. I totally agree with you that the old people in the park are not martial arts masters (at least not if all they ever did was tai chi forms). What I meant is that all Tai Chi Chuan styles are fighting arts, in the sense that they were designed as such and there are still schools (like mine) that teach them as such, with applications, partner training, combat and all that stuff. At least the main branches, there's probably teachers who've only taught the forms and qigong for health benefits and totally forgot the fighting applications (if they ever knew them). It's like, Aikido is a martial art, some people teach it for spirituality or some other stuff, but that's their school, not the style.

    On a completely unrelated thing, when you mentioned playing as the goalie in a futbol match, you made me remember an old anime by the name Captain Tsubasa that was HUGE here in Argentina (down here it was known as Super Campeones, literally Super Champions). In it there was one team who's goalie was a Karate guy.

    I'll check that other podcast you mentioned, thanks!