Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My first post

Hello anyone who's reading,

    I've started this blog to share my martial arts thoughts.  In order to give myself some credit, I'll give you some of my martial history.  I started my martial journey in 1995 during my first year at the University of Florida.  My initial goal was to learn how to use the Japanese sword.  Like most inexperienced people, I was interested from a pop culture point of view.  In my head I wanted to be a Jedi, or the Highlander, or something like that.  I found a system with Jason Backlund Sensei, who taught, what he called at the time Yamagata ryu bujutsu.  It was a system in the old sense of containing a couple of different arts put together.  I worked on unarmed and sword.  I studied with Backlund Sensei for two years, earning a couple of ranks.  Because of school I was forced to stop for a couple of years.

    In 2002 I started with Philip Chenique Sensei, who taught Chendokan Aikido and Sogetsu ryu Kenjutsu as part of the Atemi ryu system, and have been there ever since.  In that time frame, I have earned a shodan rank, and will hopefully earn my nidan sometime soon.

    Over the course of my training I've always loved reading and studying the historical aspect of martial arts.  It has lead me to think a lot about martial arts.  I have my own ideas about martial arts, and this blog will simply be a place to exsponge those thoughts.  My area of study has been concentrated on the Japanese arts of Jujutsu and Aikido, but any pieces of information that I come across on other martial arts I will share as well.  I will also conduct interviews with martial artists, and others connected to the martial arts, as well as reviews of books, movies, or products that I come across.

My goal is to put up a blog every Wednesday with new information, but if I find out something in between I'll be sure to share it.  So if you want updated information, please subscribe to the blog. 

Jaredd A. Wilson

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