Thursday, May 1, 2014

Win a copy of the Art of War

    Martial Thoughts Podcast is having our first contest.  I have a brand new, hardback copy of the Art of War as translated and commented on by John Minford.  I happen to have an extra copy, and I figured I'd give this one away.  The only thing you have to do is suggest a subtitle for our tenth episode of the Martial Thoughts Podcast.
    When I was putting up the episodes, I had to name them.  So in my infinite wisdom I called it, Episode I: The Phantom Podcast.  The Episode II, I had to follow suit, until I ran out of Star Wars titles to use.  Below is a list of the Episode subtitles we've used.  Tweet me (@martialthoughts) what you think Episode X should be Titled.  If we choose yours, I'll contact you and get a mailing address and you get the book!  Simple right.  Any suggestion will be accepted, as long as its in good taste, and it follows the "Podcast" pattern.  I know there are enough fun ideas amongst the martial artists I talk to online, so submit away.  You have until Episode X hits the air the day after Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be with you).  That day would of course be...Revenge of the 5th!

Good Luck!

What we've used so far

Episode I: The Phantom Podcast
Episode II: The Podcast Wars
Episode III: Revenge of the Podcast
Episode IV: A New Podcast
Episode V: The Podcast Strikes Back
Episode VI: The Return of the Podcast
Episode VII: Disney hasn't given us a name for this Podcast
Episode VIII: In Space, no one can hear you Podcast
Episode IX: Good...Bad...I'm the Guy with the Podcast
Episode X: ???


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