Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Martial Thoughts Episode III is now ready

Episode III-Interview with Matthew Apsokardu

We have just uploaded the latest episode of the most amazing martial arts podcast on the web.  The Martial Thoughts Podcast.  Downloade it from the link below, through iTunes, or Stitcher!

 Click HERE for the Episode

Show Notes

Introduction Music:  Theme from "Enter the Dragon" by Lalo Schifrin

Discussion Topic: Difference between Shodan and Instructors
  Shodan = "Black Belt," 1st Dan, 1st Degree Black Belt
  Instructor = Intends to Internalize a system,
  Through the Wormhole
  Go Rin no Sho
  Doctor Philip Chenique (of Atemi ryu Jujuts)
  Sheep, Sheepdog, and Wolves
  Karate Chimp
  Planet of the Apes
  Enter the Dragon
  Martial Arts Journals
  Martial Arts Practitioner vs. Martial Artist
  Jamaican Martial Arts Scene: Chinese Martial Arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do
  Brazilian Jujutsu, MMA
  Red Stripe
  Steven Seagal
  Above the Law
  Marked for Death
  Bob Marley
  Blues Brothers
  Good Samaritan Law
  Bernard Getz
  Lethal Weapon
  Martial Arts History Museum
  Enter the Dragon
  Allen Horn
  Michael Eisner
  Walt Disney Studios
  Vladamir Putin
  Chuck Norris
  Barack Obama studied Tae Kwon Do
  Rocky IV
  47 Ronin
  Keanu Reeves
  D&D (Dungeons and Dragons)
  (Oda) Nobunaga
  The Matrix
  The Man of Tai Chi
  Tony Jaa
  Ong Bak 3
  Mel Gibson
  Ben Afflac
  M. Night Shamalan
  Jet Li
  Hiroyuki Sanada
  Samurai Champloo
  Meiji Restoration
  Black Sails
Interlude Music: Back in Black by AC/DC
Interview with Matthew Apsokardu
  Bruce Heilmen
  Okinawan Kempo
  Odo Seikichi
  Rick Zondlo
  Muso Jiken Eisen ryu
  Chuck Merriman
  Bill Hayes
  Jody Paul
  Miguel Iberra
  Dewey Deavers
  Robert Trias
  Iwakabe Sensei
  Nakamura Shigeru
  Itosu Sensei
  Kunioshi Shinkichi
  Community Safety Service
  Verbal Judo
  Rory Miller
  Marc "Animal" MacYoung
  DVD-Logic of Violence
  DVD-Facing Violence
  Warrior Mindset
  Lorren Christensen
  Living the Martial Way-Forrest E. Morgan
  My Journey with the Grandmasters-Bill Hayes
  Fumio Demura-The Movie
  Bruce Lee
  The Karate Kid
  Castle Rock Colorado
  Natural Karate
  Tales from the Western Generation
  Kyan Sensei
  Miyagi Sensei

Outro Music: Voodoo Chile-Jimi Hendrix / Gayageum ver. by Luna

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