Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In the not too distant future...

COMING SOON TO AN iTUNES NEAR YOU (and eventually other podcast sharing utensils as well)

  My friends (you'll meet them) and I have been working hard to start up a martial arts podcast.  We're going to call it the "Martial Thoughts Podcast."  It is going to be a collection of discussion topics, interviews, and movie/book reviews all geared towards martial arts and martial artists.
  Our Goal is to talk about martial arts and martial ideas in an open format so that we can learn new things about different martial philosophies and practices.  We want it to be like talking to your friends at the dojo over an adult beverage of choice. Our interviews have been going well, and we're always looking for new subject material.  So if you know someone, doesn't have to be famous, that would be a good martial arts interview, let us know (  We're hoping that after we get going, we'll have listener feedback.  We want the show to be as interactive as possible.  At some point in the future, we even want to have live Google+ Hangout chats with listeners as we record the episode.

We have a couple of episodes recorded, and are now working on getting them online.  They should be up in a week or so, right before the holidays.  (Merry Christmas?)  Once they are officially online, I'll let everyone know, and then you can tell your friends about it, and we can grow large and slowly take over the podcasting world (Mu ha ha!).  Or you can just enjoy them and give us some feedback.

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