Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Martial Arts inspiration

      These are the first half of the lyrics of the Police's Synchronicity I.  I recently heard this song again and was struck at how well it illustrates the idea of aiki.  I had heard the song before, but never in the concept of aikido.  Music and martial arts often are paired together.  Many martial artists talk about rhythm and breaking rhythm. Many cultures have even hid martial techniques in dances, or used dance as a demonstration of martial skill.  Capoeira should be an obvious example of the cross between dance/music and martial arts.  Not just music, but all arts can serve as a device for inspiration of martial arts.  Art encourages people to look at things in a new ways.  Martial arts are a serious study, but don't forget about the art part of martial art.  All martial arts are also forms of self-expression.  Seek inspiration not just in other martial artists, but in other artists as well.

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