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Episode X-The Ten Podcastments Shownotes

Episode X-The Ten Podcastments

Episode X-The Ten Podcastments Shownotes

We discuss the use of weapons in martial arts training, and conduct an interesting interview with Jason Hatcher, sword art practicioner and Editor in Chief of Katsujinken Magazine, a physical and digital magazine devoted to the use of the sword.

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Recorded on 5/2/2014

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Intro:  Theme from "Enter the Dragon" by Lalo Schifri
  Winner of The Art of War Contest: Ryan Lindsey

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  aikidoka @theaikidoshop
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  Mercy Frank
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This Week In Martial Arts
  Stormtrooper Day (5/01)
  Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you)
  5/5/2014 (Revenge of the 5th)
  May 5th 1946, James Milton Kelly (Jim Kelly)
    University of Louisville
    Shorin ryu Karate
    Enter the Dragon (Trailer)
    Black Belt Jones (Trailer)
    Three the Hard Way (Trailer)
    Black Samurai (Trailer)
    Hot Potato
    Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Discussion Topic: Why practice with weapons
  Tae Kwon Do
  Richard Roundtree/Shaft
  Nunchaku (Nunchucks) Video
  Suwari waza
  Kuboto Kubotan

  The Martial Arts Kid
    Don "The Dragon" Wilson
    Cynthia Rothrock
    Michael Baumgarden
    A Walk to Remember
    Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
    Max von Sydow
    Star Wars Episode VII "The Ancient Fear"
    Clint Eastwood
    Bridges of Madison County
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    Gran Torino
    Ring of Fire (Trailer)
    Bloodfist (Trailer)
  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Destiny
    Michelle Yeoh
    Donny Yen
    Chow Yun-Fat
    Scorpion King: The Lost Throne
      Royce Gracie
      Lou Ferrigno
      Rutger Hauer
        Blind Fury (Trailer)
    The Master's Legacy
    Killing the Seeds
    Cinema Abyss
    Bloodfist 8  (Trailer)
  New Pterosauroid
    Kryptodrakon progenitor
    Discovery Chanel's Animal Planet's Mermaids
    Shaw Brothers
    Buy a species name
    Darth Vader Beetle
  Bruce Lee Memorabilia up for sale
    Linda Lee-Calder Cadwell
    Bruce Lee Action Museum (BLAM!)
    Shannon (Lee)
  Registered Blind Widnes Man Becomes first to win Karate Brown Belt
    Matt Fides Martial Art School
    Kobe Bryant

      Jeet Kun Do
      Kobe 9
  My Brother's Rage, Australian Martial Arts Movie
    (Anthony) Katsoulis
    Cameron Miller
    Martial Arts History Museum
    Benny "The Jet" (Urquidez)
    Don Comancho
    Doug Wong
    Leo Fong
    Tak Kubota
    Fumio Demura
    Eric Lee
    Gerald Okumura
    Bill Ryusaki
    Carrie Ogawa-Wong
    Peter Cunningham
    Simon Rhee
    Donnie Williams
    Lorenzo Lamas
    John Saxon
    Master Ken
      Enter the Dojo
    Cynthia Rothrock
    Ed Parker Jr.

Interlude Music: Hawks and Serpents by The Sword

Interview: James Hatcher of Katsujinken Magazine
  Katsujinken Magazine
  Capital Area Budokai Dojo
  Nakamura ryu
    Dave Drawdy
  Mugai ryu
  Byakkokan Dojo in New York
    Sang Kim Sensei
  US Federation of Battodo
  Tai Kai
  Musa Jikiden Eishin ryu
  Seitei Kata
    Shoden Set
    Chuden Set
  Rokudan giri
    Kesa (Giri)
    Gyaku kesa
  Orlando Tai Kai
  Bob Elder Sensei
  Tom Smith Sensei
 Katsujinken = Life Giving Sword/Life Sustain Sword
  Sastujinken = Life Taking Sword
  WMAW (Western Martial Arts Workshop)
  Swordfest (May 16th - 18th)
  Hissho kai Dojo
  Montante/Great Sword/Spadone
  Mark McMorrow
    Sword Forum International
    Katsujinken Issue 7: Women in Sword Arts
  Hataya Sensei's Toyoma ryu Iaido Video
  Dojo Yaburi
  Ame agaru (Fight Scene)
  Seven Samurai (Trailer)
  Harakiri (Trailer)
  Katsujinken Magazine's Facebook Page

Contact Information
  Martial Thoughts on iTunes
  Atemicast Network on Youtube
Outro Music: Voodoo Chile-Jimi Hendrix / Gayageum ver. by Luna

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